Web and Mobile

Some time ago internet access was essentially done through computers "desktop" or "notebooks". Over time, and with the emergence of new devices, people no longer access the internet just this way. Nowadays's increasingly frequent use of the internet via "tablet" and "smartphone", and with them came also the different sizes and screen resolutions.

This development raised some problems, how to develop a single site for devices so different, with display sizes and resolutions so varied. A practical solution is then to use "responsive" sites, that respond according to the properties of the display screens that are being accessed by users.

What are the advantages?

Consider working with a freelancer is increasingly an option, either by way individual and corporate. Observe the principal benefits:

  • Very flexible and customizable layouts
  • Management of web content in backoffice
  • Speed at loading content and updates
  • Full visual functions working with html5
  • Installation and complete configuration server

See the projects

Mobile Apps

It is the latest development area. With two apps produced, we continue the study and development of apps to "smartphones" and "tablets" for the Android platform.

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