Nowadays, due to continuous investment in training in several areas of design, a freelancer/ professional of this creative areas is able to develop projects in a very complete way, by the absence of limits imposed on them.

The confluences of communication design, with the impact achieved with the multimedia design and with some tools often associated with product design and animation as 3d visualization, allow increasingly surprising results, complete and differentiators from the viewpoint communicative. Work the design for your company, acting on its communication creatively and global, is certainly a good investment.

What are the advantages?

Consider working with a self-employed worker is increasingly an option put on the table, the individual and corporate title. Note the principal benefits:

  • Increased monitoring during the project
  • Ease of communication to the customer
  • Faster resolution of problems
  • Personalized tutorials
  • Good relation Price-quality

Please see the projects


As a freelance designer, a large part of the projects were developed with corporate purposes to companies on development processes or modernization in its external communication. Please find below some examples.

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